Main FactsEdit

Bionomial Name: Armidillidium vulgare

Type:Roly Poly or Pill bug

Average Life Span: 2 to 5 years

Average Full-Grown Size: 18 millimeters

Other factsEdit

Roly Pollies are not insects, but crustaceans, and still bugs. Roly Pollies are a normal, basic bug. Roly Pollies have 7 pairs of legs, antennae, and lay eggs, like a normal bug. But what is different about them is that they are related to marine animals... Roly Pollies' antennae are like a normal bug's. Females have one to three batches of eggs a year. When the eggs form, the female puts the eggs in a brood pouch. A pouch may contain up to 50 eggs. The odd thing about a roly poly is that it has gills. AND LUNGS. (wierd.) But its gills are practically useless: they can't live submerged in water. What they eat? Ugh... dung (poop) ang decaying matter. $%&D=


Rolly poly