Please answer these questions and I will give you your code for your custom signature!

  1. Back ground color
  2. Border color
  3. Rounded edges? yes or no, default: yes
  4. How much rounded (1, 2, etc.) default: 1, if 3 is yes *optional
  5. What edges? (TR (Top Right), TL (Top Left), BR (Bottom Right), or BL (Bottom Left))
  6. What do you want it to say?
  7. Do you want "random" letters? (example: ℳ@ґḯø αηḓ ℒυí❡ї) yes or no, default: no
  8. What font? *optional
  9. Text Color
  10. Do you want a time stamp (example: Nov 20, 12:34pm, etc.)? yes or no, default: no
  11. What format of time stamp? (example: M d H:i = Nov 01 13:23) YOU MUST USE THIS FORMAT [http:// HERE,] or I may not know what you want. If you don't understand it, tell me here. default: M d h:i
  12. time stamp before or after text? default: after
  13. What links do you want: what they say, and where they link to, like this: Page / Display*optional
  14. Link font*optional
  15. Link color*optional
  16. Link placement
  17. Any other specifications*optional
  19. If you have any questions, tell me: User:Mario and luigi1/QCS/Questions#Custom Signatures*optional

Answer like this:

  1. blue
  2. red
  3. yes
  4. 2
  5. abcdef


ℳ@ґḯøαηḓℒυí❡ї ☆ November 20 2011 08 31am User Page

  1. Purple
  2. Orange
  3. yes
  4. all
  5. Princess Kinz
  6. yes
  7. none
  8. yellow
  9. yes
  10. M d h:i
  11. after
  12. make the text a link
  13. yellow
  14. Princess_kinz