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A good container for rolly pollies.


This "recipe" is a good way to keep rolly pollies as pets and breed them, therefore it's called The Recipe for Rolly Pollies.

Gathering The Ingredients And Putting Them TogetherEdit

Gathering the ingredients (rolly pollies , pebbles, a container, and some rotten or moist bark and leaves) is one of the most fun and challenging parts. The first thing that you need is the container. The larger the container is, the better. After you choose your container fill it up about a quarter inch with small pebbles. After doing that put a quarter inch of wood (preferably rotten) on top of the pebbles. Then fill it almost all the way full with water. The rocks should stay at the bottom and the bark should float to the top. Finding the rolly pollies is tricky if you haven't done it before. You just have to find a rock, pot, or rotten bark and leaves and lift it up. Then simply put the rolly pollies in the container.

Baking The IngredientsEdit

You put them some where warm and add a bit of water every once in a while and eventualy you might have baby rolly pollies. You might want to release or make a new container for the baby rolly pollies if it becomes to crowded. You might even give some to your friends.

What inspired the idea Edit

They are several reasons that I came up with this recipe. The first reason is that they generally like moisture becuase they have gills. There is a more complicated reason that also supports it. There ancestors used to live in the water.